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Syllabus and Class Fee

Be sure to turn in your syllabus signed by you and your parent!
Please send in your $5.00 class fee

Be sure to check individual class pages!

Be sure to check individual class pages this coming week!  Certain supplies are due for class!!!  Failure to bring could result in loss of points.!

Football Rescheduled

 Our first football game has been rescheduled for Saturday, Sept 2 at St. Thomas Moore High School.

Important Information

Be sure to sign and return all forms for your classes!
Be sure to sign up for REMIND (graded assignment and if parent signs up, you will receive extra points).
Be sure to subscribe to BOTH webpages (my webpage and your class webpage - graded assignment).
Please send all fees by Monday!

EFC - Financial Literacy

We have been working on the computers for the past 3 weeks on a program sponsored by Whitney Bank!  You can find it on  ALL 9 ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21st!  Failure to complete all assignments will result in 0.  Students were told that this assignment could be completed at home as well.  THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!

English - Romeo and Juliet

We are starting Act II.  Be sure to find your motif's as we go!  Remember, you must have 2!  Keep up with your study guide and your Compare and Contrast handout as well!
You will be receiving additional handouts regarding a Character Mask and a Personal Mask this week (this assignment will be due on Wednesday, March 1st!  That is the day we get back from the Mardi Gras Holiday!)!  A crossword puzzle and word find will also be given this week as well.


We are currently working on Everfi, which is a computer based assignment that students are having to listen to and interact on the computer.  EAR BUDS ARE REQUIRED!!!  Should you child not have ear buds, they can purchase them for $1.00 with me or they are welcomed to bring a pair to class.  However, they must be kept in the classroom!  If they don't bring ear buds, they are not allowed on the computer and will lose points daily!  They may work on these assignments at home as well!

English - Romeo and Juliet

We have begun reading Romeo and Juliet.  Students have all the required handouts (study guide and motif information).  Students should be keeping up with their study guides on a daily basis!!  They have been given the opportunity to check out a textbook for the rest of the school year.  THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT HAVING ANY OF THE ASSIGNMENTS!  Addition handouts and activities are forth coming!  We are reading daily and will be quizzed on Acts as we have completed them.  We will also be viewing the old version of Romeo and Juliet as well as a newer version.  Students will be comparing and contrasting all 3!  (book, old movie, and new movie).  


All students must have a pair that can be saved and left in the classroom!  This was on the syllabus and is still attached to the door of the classroom. 
We are doing assignments on the computer that require ALL students to engage and listen to instruction.  For that reason, ALL STUDENTS DO NOT LEARN THE SAME WAY - THEREFORE, EVERYONE MUST HAVE EAR BUDS SO THE ENTIRE CLASS WILL NOT BE DISTRACTED!  
I SELL EAR BUDS FOR $1.25 in class!!!!