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Fine Arts Survey Course Outline

Fine Arts Survey Course Outline

Mrs. K. Glorioso



The object of the Fine Arts Survey course is to give students an introduction to understanding the four arts, their relationships and how they each touch our daily lives.


COURSE OUTLINE: (Subject to change)                                   


1ST 9 weeks    2nd 9 weeks      3rd 9 weeks       4th 9 weeks         
àStudying development of all the Arts during the following time periods: Prehistoric/Primitive, Egypt, and Greek and Roman.

àStudying development of all the Arts during the following time periods: The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and Baroque and Rococo.

àStudying development of all the Arts during the following time periods: Romantic and Neo-Classical, Victorian-Edwardian and The Modern Period

àArt Criticism and Careers in the Arts

àStyles and technical elements of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts.



  • Tests
  • Notes, Quizzes
  • Daily Visual Journal
  • Participation grade
  • Homework and special assignments
  • Hands-on projects




            1.  No student may disrupt the educational processes that occur within the                                        


            2. Tardiness, unnecessary talking, eating, drinking, chewing gum, or           

                  undue silliness will not be tolerated.

            3.  Each student is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order at his or her                  

                  workspace each day.

            4.  Student is expected to maintain professionalism from bell to bell.

            5.  Student is expected to have all required materials at all times.

            6.  Student is expected to treat teacher and peers with respect at all                                                




  1. Warning and/or loss of participation points.
  2. Student-teacher conference and/or corrective assignment.
  3. Letter/phone call to parent/guardian or parent-teacher conference.
  4. Office referral.

+ELECTRONIC TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICES No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/ her designee, shall use or operate any electronic telecommunication device, including but not limited to any cell phone, camera, video tape recorder, digital recorder, any facsimile district, radio paging service, mobile telephone service, intercom, or electro-mechanical paging district in any elementary or secondary school building, or on the grounds thereof or in any school bus used to transport public school students. A violation of these provisions may be grounds for disciplinary action, including but not limited to, suspension from school…St. Landry Parish School District shall not be held liable for any stolen electronic devices. For purposes of this policy, the terms use and operation shall mean whenever the electronic telecommunication device is turned on. (St. Landry Parish Student Handbook 2017-2018, pages 38-39)


GENERAL INFORMATION (Fees, attendance, subject matter, etc):

The Fine Arts Fee is $5.00. This may be paid in full, or in installments of $2, $2, $1  for three grading periods and must be paid within the first two weeks of each grading period.  Also, each student must bring one five subject notebook for note taking and daily visual journals. All necessary materials will be provided unless otherwise noted. You may bring additional supplies if you wish.


+ Subjects dealing with gangs, sex/nudity, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, witchcraft/devils, extreme violence, or racial themes are NOT allowed to be written about or drawn in this class. If you are in doubt about a particular theme, ask the teacher or just don’t use it!! Failure to comply will result in a 0/F grade on that particular graded assignment.


+ Tests/Projects Due Dates: Tests and quizzes are to be made up within five (5) school days at the teacher’s convenience only with a written excuse from home or a doctor’s excuse. Any work not made up within that time will result in a grade of zero (0). Students will be informed of due dates for particular projects. If a project is incomplete on that due date, it must be turned in as such. If you are absent due to illness, with a written excuse from home or a doctors excuse, the project may be completed on your own time at a later date to be determined by the teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate with the teacher and peer group any work that is to be made up. If the teacher feels the student is wasting time, playing around, etc., the project will be picked up and graded as is, with no extra make-up time allowed. Again, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher to complete make-up work.


+ A daily visual journal will be kept in class and checked regularly. Three 30 point grades will be given throughout each 9 weeks grading period. Failure to complete/participate in the activity will negatively affect daily points.


+ Daily class participation: You will receive a total of 225 points during each grading period (5 points/day). Any infractions (see below) or absences will result in the loss of these points.


+ Loss of points may be incurred and subtracted from a student’s Class Participation grade for any of the following infractions:

  • Cleaning up early, stopping work, or sitting idle before clean-up time. You will be advised by the teacher or substitute when it is time to clean up.
  • Unnecessary walking/standing, loud excessive noise/ talking/ singing, disturbing others, or sleeping in class.
  • Doing homework, copying homework, writing/reading notes, or studying for another class.
  • Being discourteous or disrespectful to teacher, substitute, visitor, or classmate.
  • Damaging or destroying property that is not yours.
  • Any other behavior or infraction that is not in keeping with school rules, regulations, or policies.


+ Please do not take or remove anything from this classroom that is not yours. If you need to borrow something, JUST ASK!


+ I am available for conferences or extra help before school, during my planning period (you MUST get permission from your assigned teacher during that period BEFORE reporting to me), and after school if needed. Always make arrangements with me beforehand if you are in need of a conference or extra help.


+ Your cooperation in taking care of Art Books, Tools and Equipment is necessary and appreciated. Let’s have a great year!!



*Students will receive a copy of this course outline the first day of school. Parents/Guardians are asked to please review the course outline, sign and return the bottom of the paper to the teacher ASAP. Example of this area is shown below*

I have received, read, and understand the general course outline and discipline for Art II.


______________________                                                                                   _____________________

Parent/Guardian                                                                                                                Student